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We’re on a mission to transform the house buying process, for the better. Starting with conveyancing. With Beam’s intuitive online system, our clients can keep an eye on their progress, and get the right kind of help, just when they need it.

What’s it like working at Beam? Well, we’re always enthusiastic, yet grounded. Plain speaking, and always looking to help take the stress out of conveyancing for our clients, any way we can. Sounds like your kind of company?

We are
Straight talking
Our perks
  • Remote Work Policy
  • Town Centre Location
  • Flexible Working Schedule
  • Team Performance Bonus
  • Lunch + Learns
  • Fitness Allowance
Our roles

Legal Admin

You’re a legal admin or legal secretary currently working at a local solicitor’s office, dealing with customers and the process management side.


Legal Exec

You’re a legal executive currently working at a local solicitor’s office with a number of years conveyancing experience under your belt.